Become a Pinterest Pro E-Course (and coupon!)

We've all been there.

You created a blog. Designed the crap out of it. Poured your heart into posts. You've got amazing content, you know you offer value to your readers!

But wait...where are your readers?

As hard as launching a blog can be, in the grand scheme of things, the launch is the easy part. It's growing a readership that's tricky.

I thought I would launch a blog, write some posts, and people would read them. "Build it and they will come," if you will.

Little did I know, it doesn't work that way.

You have to work to grow your readership. Learn how to market. Navigate social media. And what the heck is this Pinterest growth people keep talking about? How could a site where I grab recipes and get interior design inspiration help my blog?

I, too, was skeptical.

But then something amazing happened.  I started researching Pinterest business accounts, got my Pinterest all set up, implemented a few key strategies and poof!

Soon, more than 80 percent of my traffic was originating from Pinterest.

Ummm, whaaaaat?! Yeah, you heard that right.  It started about a month after I began putting my Pinterest strategies in place, and guess what? It's continued to this day.

That's right. More than 80 percent of my traffic still comes from Pinterest.

So how did I do it? Pinterest is very easy...once you get the hang of it. At the beginning, however, it can be tricky to navigate.  And it took me a little while to get a handle on everything.  And then I had an epiphany.

Become a Pinterest Pro PinThat's right. More than 80 percent of my traffic still comes from Pinterest. Click To Tweet

What if I could find all the information that I'd had to research all over the Internet was in one place?

That would have been amazing.  I had to visit so many different websites, blog posts, and resources to try to piece everything that I needed together.  And then there was some stuff I just had to figure out on my own.

And once I figured everything out, I decided something: I was going to put all that information into one place so other bloggers and business owners wouldn't have to go through the rigamarole I went through. What if I could find all the information that I'd had to research all over the Internet was in one place? Click To Tweet

Become a Pinterest Pro is my top to bottom, A to Z, complete Pinterest training e-course.

I want others to benefit from the treasure trove of knowledge that I've pieced together.  Heck, someone should!

If I can make Pinterest easier for even ONE person out there, all my hard work will be worth it.

Not that it's not worth it now.  I mean, so much of my traffic comes from there, that's a gift in and of itself.  But I would love if someone other than myself could benefit from all of my blood, sweat, and tears.

As an introductory gift, I'm offering the course for 50 percent off.

That's right! For less than the cost of a date night at the movies (seriously, can we talk about that? Does anyone else remember when you didn't have to take out a second mortgage to go to the movies), you can get a complete knowledge of how to set up and work Pinterest for your business' advantage.

Aaaaannnd you can ask any questions you want, and I promise I'll answer them! If anything is unclear, please find me on Facebook, email me, contact me here, and I will respond ASAP.  I'll even walk you through whatever you need help with. As an introductory gift, I'm offering the Become a Pinterest Pro e-course for 50 percent off. Click To Tweet

How 'bout that?

So how do you get this amazing course?

Easy! Just click the button to enroll for 50% off!

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