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So let’s talk about soliciting.  I’m not talking about prostitution, although to be honest, I’d probably be more accepting of that.  I’m talking about the folks who come knocking on my door, at least once a day, knocking and ringing my bell and yelling (oh yes, they yell) incessantly until I open the door.  If I don’t, they almost certainly leave garbage (aka a flier of some kind) on my stoop, advertising a service I don’t want or a product I don’t need.

I’ve decided to eliminate their obvious confusion.

If you’re like me, working from home is a wonderful luxury at times, but having someone knocking on your door all day trying to sell you sh*t and get you to sign things is super irritating. It ruins my train of thought and just puts me in a bad mood. As I work here, I don’t have time to answer my door a million times a day and listen to your pitch.

Unless you have an Amazon package. Or Girl Scout cookies.

Here’s the other thing: I have no desire to open my door for a stranger. I live in Los Angeles and while I consider my neighborhood to be relatively safe, there is still a hell of a lot of crime here. I really would prefer not to actively participate in someone casing my house for a robbery later (Yes, I’ve probably seen Home Alone too many times).

Honestly, I don’t care what you’re selling. I don’t want to hear about your church or your god or whoever. Knocking on my door is the fastest way to get me not to vote for you. And if you interrupt me on a phone call because you’re incessantly knocking and yelling, “Hello!” outside my front door (yes, this happened), I will yell at you.

Look, there’s nothing wrong with what these people are doing.  I get it. Door to door sales works. If it didn’t, nobody would do it anymore. So I’m not trying to be offensive to those who do this sort of work or volunteering. But I am settled in my religious beliefs (and really, has anyone actually converted to a religion because someone came to their door randomly in the middle of the day and pestered them into it?); I can do my own product research; I sign petitions all damn day online where I don’t have to talk to anyone; and I don’t need a paper menu from your restaurant.  It’s the 21st Century.  Build a website.  Hell, hire me, I’ll build one for you.

Free Printable No Soliciting Sign Pin | Beauty Chaos

I couldn’t find a “No Soliciting” sign that I liked and felt got my voice across, so I did what any semi-computer-literate person would do: I made one. I’ve gotten some compliments on it, so I decided to offer it up online.  You can download it here. Hopefully, it does its job.

I’m not asking for your info so no worries about me selling it or whatever people do with others’ info these days.  I just ask that if you like it, check out my other blog posts.  If you like those, subscribe! I only send out notifications when I post stuff or am having a feeling I think everyone should know about 😉 Usually it’s about twice a week unless I’m away.

Leave me a comment if you use the free printable “No Soliciting” sign and be sure to check out my other free printables! Also, I’d love to see photos of it on your door!

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