Free Resources

YAAAY FREE STUFF! My favorite part of this job is making free stuff for you guys... no questions asked. So take what you need! Download everything if you want, or pick just a few. But be sure to let me know how they help you!

FREE Instagram Hashtag Library E-Book

Thousands of Instagram hashtags sorted by category!!! The best way to grow Instagram engagement and following is to use hashtags, so let this guide help you out!

FREE Beauty Product Expiration Guide and Tracker

Now keeping track of when you bought your makeup is easy, with my expiration guide and tracker! Fill in the dates that your products need to be replaced using the guide on the left and never wonder how old your products are!

FREE 30-Day Self-Care Challenge

Follow this easy list of daily activities to get on the road to implementing self-care every day.  The repetition of these small habits can help make sure you're at your best physically, emotionally, and mentally.