Great Holiday Shopping Options

Hey all! I’m a terrible holiday shopper.  I leave everything to the last minute.  But with all the holiday shopping options available, I really have no excuse for waiting until the last minute.  I mean, let’s be real, with the Internet available I no longer have an excuse to shop last minute.

Usually, I do my holiday shopping on Amazon

With a Prime membership, it’s difficult not to take advantage of the millions of great products in the Amazon universe.  Sometimes they’re more expensive, but when I get home on December 21 and realize I have done zero holiday shopping, that free two day shipping (or sometimes one day shipping!) comes in handy.

And I really should be using Etsy shops

I feel like shopping on Etsy is similar to shopping small businesses in your area.  There are great, one of a kind creations available and you can usually find pretty cost friendly options for every budget.

Here’s a couple of examples:

NiftyNickiD makes super cute customized sunglasses for any occasion!  You can buy pre-made ones or message her for a specialty order.  She’s awesome and very creative.  So even if you have just an idea of what you’d like, she’ll turn that concept into a reality for you!

Great Holiday Shopping Options - NiftyNickiD's sunnies - Beauty Chaos

Twisted Leather Co. Owner Lisa got so many compliments on her handmade leather bracelets that she decided to open a store!  Each item is handmade and can be customized to your liking.  My favorite is the love bracelet featured below.

Great Holiday Shopping Options - Twisted Leather Co - Beauty Chaos
Say it with jewelry – you know, the best way!

A to Z Candles has awesome, soy based candles and wax melts.  Their products are very affordable at $5, and sometimes will have cut slogans on them like the one featured below.  Or you can customize them! Plus, they have my favorite scent, Rosemary Mint, which I have been obsessed ever since trying the Aveda shampoo line when I was a teenager.

Great Holiday Shopping Options - A to Z Candles - Beauty Chaos

And speaking of things that smell.

Things that smell great, I mean.  Unless you like things that smell bad.  That’s entirely up to you.  But I discovered essential oils a couple of years ago when a friend invited me to her Doterra party and I’ve been buying them religiously ever since.

Essential oils can be used to treat a whole host of maladies, including insomnia, which I battle with.  A little bit of lavender oil in a diffuser next to my bed makes a world of difference. My friend Melissa, who I know from my corporate banking days (true story) has a website through Young Living, one of the many options for pure essential oils.

Although essential oils can seem a little pricey at first, remember that you’re literally using a drop at a time.  A tiny bit goes a long way.  I have a small bottle of Rosemary oil that I’ve been using forever.

Great Holiday Shopping Options - Young Living Essential Oils - Beauty Chaos

Brad’s Deals is not a website where you can actually buy stuff, but I’m obsessed nonetheless.  Basically, the people there compile the best deals they can find and post them on their site moment by moment.  There’s even a daily email newsletter you can sign up for.

I have found tons of great deals on here, for everything from furniture to makeup.  They had two of those humongous Yankee Candles listed last week for under $20.  That’s unheard of.  So do yourself a favor, head over to Brad’s Deals and sign up.  It’s one of the few newsletters I get that doesn’t go directly to Junk Mail.

When all else fails, donate.

I know, I know, Christmas is supposed to be all about consumerism and fighting with your family.  But wouldn’t it be great to make a donation in someone’s name to the ASPCA instead of getting them a trinket from Marshall’s?  If you don’t like the idea, give it to that cousin you hate that you got in the Secret Santa drawing.  They’ll look petty if they complain and you’ll look like a hero anyways.  WIN.

One of the best birthday gifts I received was a donation made by husband to the World Wildlife Foundation.  They still send me cute calendar every year.

While the holidays are my favorite season, I hate how stressful they get.  Shopping for gifts makes me feel better.  I love that it’s a season of giving, and no matter how you choose to do that this holiday season, take care of each other :).

Great Holiday Shopping Options - Beauty Chaos

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What’s your favorite place for holiday shopping?  Leave me a comment and let me know or message me here!


  1. Anky December 5, 2017 at 10:27 am

    What a wonderful post it is. Superb. Read the whole post. Thanks for it 🙂

  2. Meaghan Dawson December 5, 2017 at 10:41 am

    What a great list. Any candle that quotes Christmas vacation is a-ok in my book! Total must-have!

    1. Amy December 6, 2017 at 9:58 am

      I know, I’m obsessed with candles!

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