How to Beat the Winter Skin Blues

All right, so we’ve all been there. Autumn arrives, the leaves start falling, pretty colors happen, and everything seems okay. The weather keeps getting colder and colder, and pretty soon — boom, it’s winter. Still, everything is fine. But then…you start to notice little things.

Does my skin look a little duller this morning than it did yesterday? Why is my oily skin flaking off? Oh my god, my lips feel like sandpaper.

And then you realize that it’s happened: you’ve got winter skin. *Dun-dun-dun* (that’s my best attempt at an ominous noise). But never fear, beauty! I’ve got the best tips for how to beat the winter skin blues right here for ya.

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First, drink a glass of wine. Just kidding. Okay, for real now.


Yes! This may seem counterintuitive at first. But won’t this dry out my skin? Not necessarily, especially if you’re using the correct exfoliating products. For me, since I have pretty oily skin and I’m acne prone, I would opt for some that is a little drying, such as Neutrogena’s Gentle Deep Clean Scrub. Or I use my regular cleanser with my nifty little charcoal sponge to gently slough away dead skin.

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For dry skin, perhaps try something a little gentler such as Caudalie Gentle Buffing Cream. While this cleanser still has the exfoliating properties, its creamier texture and use of grapeseed oil and acacia honey keep the skin protected and hydrated.

While you’re at it, once a week, use a gentle exfoliator on your body to slough away dead skin. There are tons of sugar and salt scrubs out there; Bath and Body Works has them in just about every fragrance you can imagine. I do this before I shave so I get all the dead skin off.


Okay, first of all, I cannot get out of the shower without applying a moisturizer. Period. I will convince myself all day that my skin is itchy and dry even if it isn’t. But this is especially important in the winter months when skin is prone to dryness!

Switch up your body routine this winter and try something more hydrating. My personal favorite is Trader Joe’s Midsummer Night’s Cream. It’s unscented, costs about $4 and is nice and thick. On shaving days (ahem, if you have them during the winter) I usually use a body oil such as coconut oil to lock moisture into my skin.

For your face, again, we have to look at skin types. If you have dry skin, by all means, slather on a good cream. Or you can take a trick out of Khloe Kardashian’s book and use a few drops of vitamin E oil in your regular moisturizer for a boost! Even though I have oily skin, I do this occasionally if my skin is feeling thirsty.

Another option for getting more moisture into your face is use a hydrating face mask. Ren’s Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask is my absolute favorite for hydrating my skin. Best of all, it doesn’t make me break out, which a lot of moisturizing products do.

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And always, always, always wear sunscreen, even in the winter!

Take Shorter Showers

I know, I know, when it’s wintertime and you’re cold all day or you wake up cold all you want to do is stand in a hot shower for a few decades. But hot water will definitely dry out your skin if you stay in it for too long! Not a bad idea to switch up your body wash or soap to a hydrating cleanser, especially if you live in a really cold area. I like Olay’s, but just about every product line has a hydrating body wash so you have your pick!

Use a Humidifier

Guys, take me seriously on this one. Having a humidifier, at the very least in your bedroom, will save your skin. It’ll also keep that horrible dry cough away. And it’s an anti-aging tactic as well. I used to have one and my skin looked great. I don’t know what happened to mine; it must have gotten lost in the move. Homedics has a whole bunch, and Amazon has tons of them.

I even have a small one with a USB adapter that I can plug into my computer while working! Trust me, you can fit these into your home. And if you can, put a few around your house so you’re getting the added moisture everywhere.

Take a Bath

But Amy, didn’t you just say not to take a long shower? Isn’t a bath kind of similar? Yes and no. Baths can be beneficial for dry skin if you’re using the right products. So throw a bath oil into your tub, or try a bath bomb. The ones from Lush are to die for, but you can pick them up at Target, too. Make sure they contain moisturizing ingredients such as aloe, shea butter, grapeseed oil, etc.

How to Beat the Winter Skin Blues | Peony Bath Oil | Beauty Chaos

Cover up

This is particularly for those of you living in more wintry climates. Protect your skin from that wind! Wear gloves, and put a scarf over your face if it’s super cold. And again, SUNSCREEN.

Finally, Hydrate!

Doesn’t have to be cold water, just has to be water. Or mostly water. Just make sure you’re getting your 8×8 every day so you’re not dehydrating from the inside out!

What are your favorite ways to keep your skin looking amazing during the chilly winter months? Leave a comment or message me here!

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Stay warm, lovelies!


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