Tools & Resources

I have used each one of these bad boys personally, and I love them.  The tools of your blog are essential for success and profitability! And I’m happy to share mine with you :).

Top 3 – These are the must, must, must have tools!


SiteGround web hosting starts at $3.95 a month! My top recommendation for web hosting. With SiteGround, it’s fast and easy to get a website up and running – they have one click WordPress installation. Their support is amazing. They are available 24/7 and it doesn’t even matter if you are a customer yet!


Mailerlite is my #1 recommendation for email management, landing pages, and freebies! You know what’s great about Mailerlite? It’s forever free. Forever. Free. Managing subscribers and automating emails is a snap. You can make multiple landing pages, freebies, and subscriber groups — the possibilities are endless.

Tailwind has been essential for growing my Pinterest reach to more than half a million monthly views! It allows me to automate pins, saving so much time for other activities (like rescuing runaway dogs during my jogs). And Tailwind Tribes are amazing — they can help you explode your growth by providing exposure to even more readers.

Even more tools and resources I use and love.

Yep, that’s right, I use Tailwind and BoardBooster. They each have different strengths! On BoardBooster, I can monitor my group board’s stats, clean up underperforming pins, and set up targeted campaigns for group boards when I publish a new post. And Pin Doctor is essential for finding broken links and duplicate pins.
Restored 316
I love, love, love Restored 316’s themes.  They are feminine and pretty and just everything a beauty and lifestyle blogger could ever want! Donning names like “Captivating,” “Dazzling,” and “Sprinkles,” Restored 316’s themes run about $75 on average, which is a great price for a theme. Oh, and also? They’ll even specially design a theme for you. How ’bout them apples?
I love Hootsuite, and not just because I’m obsessed with owls (Seriously. They’re all over my house.) Hootsuite has saved my butt when it comes to Twitter and Facebook posting! Before Hootsuite, I barely had a Twitter presence; now I Tweet at least four times a day. Plus…again, owls.
I have taken two courses in Teachable and I just finished designing my own and I’ll tell you, I’m impressed.  Their instructor interface is easy to use, pretty self explanatory, and customizable — which is great, because I could make everything pink! Seriously, though, the process of creating a course was easy, and going live was seamless, just took the click of a button.
Style Collective is an amazing community designed to help women achieve their goals. They have so many wonderful member resources including media kit templates, rate calculators, stock photos, and tons more. I use their Blog Topic Ideas and Frames worksheet at least once a week. Membership can be bought monthly, although I bought the year in advance because I just knew it would have great things!