Trophy Skin – Saving My Skin (Literally) Since 2013

I think I was in about fifth grade when my I started having breakouts for the first time. Right around puberty, right around when you’re feeling the most delicate and vulnerable.  You know, when kids are the nicest.


If you didn’t read that first paragraph in the sarcasm font, I would suggest you adjust your computer settings ;).  Kids can be brutal, y’all, and my skin made me a pretty big target.

Fast forward a bit.  Everyone’s skin clears up once they exit puberty, right? What about high school? College? Exiting your 20s???

Unfortunately, none of these milestones happened for me.  Instead, I graduated straight from battling breakouts to battling breakouts and aging. The most fun.

And I’ve tried just about everything in my life to remedy this situation.  Facials. Extractions. Lasers. Peels. Microdermabrasion.

Trophy Skin - Saving My Skin (Literally) Since 2013

Some things help more than others.  Lasers made my skin waaaay worse.  Facials, extractions, peels, and microdermabrasion, however, seem to help.

I started having microdermabrasion treatments when I was in my late 20s.  It seemed like a waste of money to spend $50-$100 for someone to spend 10 minutes rubbing a diamond tipped vacuum over my face, as effective as it was.

So I enlisted the best online researcher I know – my mother – to find a company that makes home microdermabrasion machines that are actually effective.  About a month later, she came back to me with a company name – Trophy Skin.  I immediately went to the website, did a little poking around, and found their MicrodermMD Professional Home Microdermabrasion System.

The Trophy Skin MicrodermMD is incredible.

It safely and quickly sloughs away the top layer of dead skin, revealing a fresh layer ripe for serum or moisturizer application.  Also, it addresses my problem of both breakouts and aging, something that I’ve been battling with for a few years and is not going away anytime soon.

Trophy Skin - Saving My Skin (Literally) Since 2013
Old school packaging. See, I told you I’ve had it for a while!

Now, I’ve had my Trophy Skin MicrodermMD for about five years, and I still use it all the time.  But recently I got to thinking, if one Trophy Skin product works so well, why not check out the other stuff they have?

You see, I went off of birth control pills not too long ago, and while my skin behaved itself for a little while, it wasn’t long before the breakouts were back.  I fear I will be plagued with breakouts for the rest of my adult life.

I took the brief quiz that popped up on the Trophy Skin website, and it pointed me in the direction of the BlueMD Blue Light Therapy. I’ve heard about light therapy before, but hadn’t taken the plunge into actually trying it out yet.

Trophy Skin - Saving My Skin (Literally) Since 2013
It’s so pretty!

I mean, could a simple light really help my acne?

In a word, yes.  I got my Trophy Skin BlueMD Blue Light Therapy Lamp a few weeks ago, and already my skin has calmed down.  The light is super easy to use, requiring five minute sessions three times per week.  Seriously? Only five minutes? Anyone can spare five minutes.

Using science that I don’t understand ;), the Trophy Skin BlueMD’s LED technology kills acne-causing bacteria which leads to blemishes and blackheads.  It also emits red light to help with inflammation and promote skin healing.  Best of all, it’s gentle enough that I could incorporate use in with my MicrodermMD device.

Trophy Skin - Saving My Skin (Literally) Since 2013

Winning all around!

The bacteria that causes breakouts, P. Acnes, is the source of acne for 90% of sufferers; so chances are, if you’re having breakouts, the BlueMD could help quite a bit.  The lamp comes with goggles which must be worn during use to prevent damage to the eyes. And the lamp itself is so cute, with a sleek white design and rose gold accents (it’s like Trophy Skin can see right into my soul, lol).

Trophy Skin has been saving my skin, literally, for years, and I cannot recommend them highly enough.  So do yourself a favor – visit the website, take the skincare assessment, and get on the road to clearer, more youthful skin! You won’t regret it, I promise.

Interested in learning more? Visit Trophy Skin and subscribe to the newsletter to be entered into their monthly product giveaway up to $300!

Trophy Skin - Saving My Skin (Literally) Since 2013 Pin

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