Valentine’s Day Hair and Makeup Ideas

So you’re getting ready for a Valentine’s Day…err, night out. Could be with your guy, could be a night out with the girls. And you don’t want to do just a regular everyday look! That wouldn’t be any fun! Here are some ideas for makeup and hair looks to make Valentine’s Day special.

Bold Lips

Why not try that red lipstick you bought but barely wear? Or that deep burgundy that came in the palette you got for Christmas? Make sure that you balance out a bold lip with simple makeup on the rest of your face. Groom your brows with a little bit of clear gel, put on a couple coats of mascara and you’re good to go. Make sure you take your lipstick out with you! Nothing is worse than realizing your lipstick is half gone when you’re out having fun.

Valentine's Day Hair and Makeup Ideas | Bold Lips | Beauty Chaos

Special Smoky Eye

We all love to play with eye shadow colors and shimmers. So incorporate that into your smoky eye look! Try a palette of purples to play up green or hazel eyes. Not into colors? Grab a sparkly shadow like Stila’s and give yourself a little glitter on the lids or the inner corners.

Valentine's Day Hair and Makeup Ideas | Stila Sparkles | Beauty Chaos

Try a Retro Vibe

Two words: Cat. Eye. A cat eye done right brings the perfect amount of drama to a night out. And there’s so much you can do with it! You can wear it alone with some bold mascara, pair it with a red lip, or do a nude lip and smoky eye on top. Really, you can’t lose with this one.

Let it Glow

If you’re looking for something more casual but still gorgeous, let yourself glow. Use some sultry, coppery eye shadow and lots of black liner for a dramatic eye. Next, use a good foundation with a little highlighter mixed in for glowing skin. A touch of gloss finishes this look that screams date night.

Pretty in Pink

Looking for something that screams romance? Try a shimmery pink shadow on your lids. Complement the hue with black mascara, a fresh face, and a glossy lip.

Valentine's Day Hair and Makeup Ideas | Pink Shimmery Eye Shadow | Beauty Chaos

Rosy Romance

For a classically “pretty” look, pump up the no makeup makeup a touch. Use a pink gloss instead of just lip balm. Flush your cheeks with a rosy glow and put a little highlighter on your cheekbones. Choose a shimmery shadow that complements your eye color and sweep it on. Perfection.

Modern retro waves

A great spin on an old classic, modern waves are easier to style than their classic counterpart, leaving a glamorous look that you can run your fingers through. After blow drying hair straight, wrap 2 inch chunks around a large curling iron, wait a few seconds, and release. Let curls cool before brushing through them and spraying with a little soft hold hairspray.

Messy bun

If you just don’t want to deal with your hair being down, or have had it up in a bun all day, that’s okay! Loosen the bun a little, pull a few wispies out and go for the “undone librarian” look. And if your hair gets a little messy through the night, it’s all part of the plan!

Valentines day hair and makeup ideas Pin 1 | Beauty Chaos


Or beachy waves. Whatever you want to call this one, it’s a favorite of men and women alike. After hair is dry, take random ½ inch to 1 inch sections and wrap around a 1-inch curling iron, without using the clamp (so the ends are left out). When finished, spritz on some texturizing spray like Bumble ‘n’ Bumble’s Salt Spray and shake hair into place. Or out of place, as it were.

Do the Bardot

Or a variation. Big bouncy curls pulled half back into a messy topknot are sure to get anyone’s attention. Use large rollers or a large curling iron to get the big, flowing locks like a Disney princess. Tease a bit of hair at the crown and then sweep half up into a knot or clip. Let the fainting begin.

Valentine's Day Hair and Makeup Ideas | Brigitte Bardot | Beauty Chaos

Go natural

You know what hair looks best? Yours. Let your curls free. Embrace your waves. Hair stick straight? Cool, rock that look.

What looks best, in the end, is confidence. And have some fun! If it stresses you out to do yourself up for Valentine’s Day, don’t. God knows, I have more fun staying in and eating pizza most of the time than getting dolled up to go out. Do what makes you happy. That’s always a good look.

What are your favorite holiday looks?

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