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My Story

I am a beauty junkie to my very core.  Since I was a preteen, when my magazine subscriptions were comprised of YM, Sassy, Teen, and Seventeen, I have tried every beauty treatment and product that has caught my eye.  Coffee on my hair.  Eggs on my face.  You name it, I’ve tried it.  Fast forward a few years (or so), and my Amazon wish list is perpetually at least 20 pages long, packed with everything from new shampoos to facial massage devices to classic lipsticks.  Still prowling magazines and the web for new products, I’ll try anything once.  And if it works, I’ll try it again.

I grew up in a small town in Ohio near Cleveland, where the weather is perpetually unpredictable and trying to get your hair to do what you want is nearly impossible. After living just outside of Los Angeles for a decade to work in “the business,” I returned to Ohio. I’m a jack of all trades, master of none kind of person, so I’m working on something all the time, but I find myself still participating in one of my favorite pastimes: flipping through magazines (usually while watching trashy reality TV), avidly looking for new beauty products to try.  There is one thing I can count on — I always find something.

So I decided, instead of thinking about everything that I like or dislike about a product, I’ll put it out there in the Internet hive mind so other people can learn from my product wins and losses.  I am not a makeup artist, aesthetician, or stylist, just a normal gal with a love for everything beauty related (and maybe some other stuff).

Now here’s where the chaos part comes in: I may stray from the topic.  There will be a review in there, but if I happen to have some random thought while I’m in the shower (it’s a cliche, that’s when all my inspiration strikes.  That or 3:00 in the morning when I can’t sleep) then it’s likely to make it onto the page.  Hope it doesn’t get too offensive ;).