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Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Review

So before I start my review, I want to be sure to mention that Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow has been recalled as of October 31.  Apparently a batch that went out didn’t meet their “stringent quality standards,” so the company decided to just recall it.

As Benefit hasn’t had any complaints about Gimme Brow, I was surprised to learn that they also just discontinued the product.  Permanently or temporarily, I have no idea.

Even more surprisingly, they recalled it because it stings if you get it in your eyes.

I feel like this is a “well, duh” moment.  Benefit says as long as you use the product as directed, everything is fine.  However, if you use Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow and happen to get it in your eye, it could sting.

Um, yeah.  Most makeup does.  Most everything does, as a matter of fact.  Even if you put water in your eyes, it doesn’t feel great.  So there it is.

Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Review | Beauty Chaos

Onto the review of Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow.

To be honest, I didn’t have very high hopes for this, after my experience with the They’re Real! Mascara. But I received Gimme Brow in my Sephora Play! Box recently and decided to give it a shot.

Now full disclosure, I am guilty of abusing my eyebrows.  I grew up in the ’90s, when Drew Barrymore plucked her eyebrows within an inch of their life.  We all wanted to be her.  She was super cool with her brick red lipstick and her babydoll dresses, flashing David Letterman with abandon and living her best life.

For the record, my mother warned me.

Mom, if you’re reading this, I remember.  It is not your fault; you tried valiantly to stop me.  But if you’ve ever been a preteen or teenager you’ll know that at that age, you knew everything and your mom was lame and outdated.

*sigh* If only I had listened.  Now I spend a few moments every morning carefully painting my eyebrows back on, desperately channeling Brooke Shields and Cara Delevigne.  And there has been a lot of trial and error in the process, let me tell ya. Are they too dark?  Too light? Do they look drawn on? It’s a lot to deal with.

Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Review | Beauty Chaos

All that said, I’m still nervous about trying microblading.

Microblading is a process by which an technician uses a special pen to apply light, semi-permanent strokes to the area to fill in the brows.  It generally costs between $700 and $800, and there is no down time (although it does take around 30 days to heal).  Experts also warn that it’s a timely procedure that cannot be done in an hour, if you want quality work.  So if you’re thinking about microblading, keep those things in mind.

However, the thought of having something even temporarily kind of tattooed on my face makes me nervous.  What if it goes wrong?  Will I end up looking like I Sharpie-d in my brows?  What if I hate it?

Yep, this is what it’s like to be me.

So thank goodness for Benefit’s Gimme Brow.  Like I said, I was skeptical, but always willing to try a new product.  And Gimme Brow is great!  The tube looks like a mascara tube, and comes with a small spoolie brush for easy application.

Gimme Brow promises to “volumize, tame and tint,” and it does just those things.  The results are amazing.  I had a little bit of trouble at times when I got too much product on the end of the spoolie, but that problem was easily remedied by dabbing the end with a tissue before application.

Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Review | Beauty Chaos
See the little spoolie? So cute!
So I am understandably disturbed by the discontinuation of Gimme Brow.

If I promise not to poke myself in the eye with it, can I have it?  Okay, wait, I can’t promise that (we know how clumsy I am). If I promise to take full responsibility for inevitably poking myself in the ye, can I have it?  Because I really, really like this product.

Since it’s not available, I will be trying the 3D BROWtones Eyebrow Enhancer.  I don’t quite trust myself with the marker-like Eyebrow Cream Gel Color, and the 3D product comes with a spoolie brush.  Hopefully, it will be just as user friendly.

Cost and Where to Buy

Just kidding! Since the product has been unofficially discontinued, you can’t buy it anywhere.  But the 3D BROWtones costs around $24 in most of the usual places: Amazon, Ulta, Sephora, Benefit’s website, the vending machine at the Burbank Airport.  Not kidding about that one; there is actually a Benefit Cosmetics vending machine at the Burbank Airport.  I know, right?!

What’s your favorite brow product?  Leave me a comment or message me here and tell me! And if you liked this article, spread the love and share please!  There are sharing buttons located to the left side of the page.

Beauty Regrets – It Happens to the Best of Us

You know how it is: you see something pretty in a magazine, you think, “Wow, that would look great on me!” And then a week later you’re crying to your hair stylist because your failed ombre attempt now makes you look like you smashed your head against a pumpkin.

The stylist gazes at your orange, patchy mess of hair and sighs deeply, chiding you for not coming to them sooner. We’ve all been there, girl. From disastrous beauty trends to drunken ideas, the world of beauty is difficult to navigate. It’s no wonder we often get lost in it. For a laugh, let’s talk about the most common beauty regrets and things you can do to fix them.

Beauty Regrets Number One: Ruined Hair

Beauty Regrets Number One: Ruined Hair - Beauty Chaos

Like the aforementioned DIY ombre, hair disasters are quite common when you decide to forgo the professionals and rely on box dyes and your own untrained hands to partake in a current trend. Do yourself a favor: See a hair stylist if you want the best hair trend seen in Vogue, and make sure you get regular trims and that you treat your hair with care to keep it healthy and glossy.

Beauty Regrets Number Two: Pencil-Thin Brows

Once you start plucking it’s hard to stop. The ’90s are most recently to blame for a terrible trend of unnaturally thin brows that make our face look oddly flat and moon-like. We can’t all be blessed like Jennifer Connelly and Cara Delevingne, but microblading and good makeup tricks for perfect brows can go a long way. Also, when you pluck, it’s good to draw out the outline of the shape you want for your brows to avoid over-plucking.

Beauty Regrets Number Three: Highlighting

Not that a glow that signals aliens in outer space isn’t amazing, it just might be a tad overwhelming once it starts blinding your boss as you strut around the office. To avoid pesky lawsuits and giving people vision problems, consider something more subtle for your everyday look. Mac’s Soft and Gentle is lovely for a workday, and once your shift is done, feel free to have fun with Fenty Beauty’s famed Trophy Wife highlighter and replace the disco ball of the club you’re going to.

Beauty Regrets Number Four: Bad Foundation

Beauty Regrets Number Four: Bad Foundation - Beauty Chaos

From a glazed turkey to a human impersonation of Cheetos, there are levels of how bad this can get. Once you start resembling a Halloween craft, it’s time to consult the kind people at Sephora or Ulta and ask them to match you with your proper shade. Here’s a tip: match the foundation to your chest and neck, because your face can easily get ruddy during the day. It’s a good way to avoid that harsh strip of discoloration that ends at your chin.

Beauty Regret Number Five: Bad Concealer

Straight from the frying pan and into the fire, the only thing worse than bad foundation is bad concealer. Also, here’s something most people find mind-blowing: you need two different shades. One for your under-eye dark circles, and the other one for spot concealing. Find either two concealers, or something even better like E.L.F.’s Concealer Palette which has four shades to cover all your needs. The undereye concealer needs to be a shade or two lighter than your skin tone to give your face definition and brighten your complexion, and the other concealer needs to match your skin tone exactly right.

Beauty Regrets Number Six: Bad Skincare

Beauty Regrets Number Six: Bad Skincare - Beauty Chaos

Will only one night of not removing your makeup really hurt your face? Well, kind of, yes. To be honest, not removing your makeup is a pretty terrible idea. Even if you don’t see immediate consequences, that breakout a few days later will come as an unpleasant surprise. Those wrinkles 5, 10 years from now will gleefully settle around your eyes and mouth. And it’s not just makeup removal either, you need to find the right nourishing ritual for your skin type – combination/oily skin needs an entirely different regimen than a dry one.

Beauty Regrets Pin

Look, we’ve all attempted an inexplicably stupid Pinterest hack at one time or another. Honestly, there’s no need to be embarrassed. These are all supremely fun stories to tell, and experimenting with products and trends is what leads to some pretty expert skills. Don’t let these discourage you! Simply use them as a learning experience and a Friday night anecdote over a bottle of wine with your girlfriends.

Brigitte Evans is a Cosmetic Skin Care Consultant and a writer from Australia, with a sweet tooth for makeup and everything sparkly. When she is not drooling over the next big thing in the beauty industry, she reads mystery novels and makes plans for her next trip. She is the proud aunt of Sophie, age 2, who has rounded her Chanel lipstick, but she loves her anyway.

Review: Magnetic Eyelashes

If you’re a woman and on social media, you’ve probably seen an ad for magnetic eyelashes by now.  Or at least I have, about 8,000 of them.  And if you’re like me, you’ve thought to yourself, “Gee, I hate wearing false eyelashes.  They’re unwieldy and difficult. And eyelash extensions are very expensive. But what if…”

And that’s how you end up buying magnetic eyelashes.

The ads make them look super easy to use.  The idea is that there are two lash bands, each with a tiny magnet on them. You hold the one band under your upper lash line, then place the second band on top of your lashes so they make a sandwich.  The magnet sticks them together and voila! Perfect lashes in a second.

This all seems too good to be true, right?

No messy glue.  Reusable.  Inexpensive.  Easy to use.  Miracle, yes?

Unfortunately, no.

Magnetic eyelashes are, in a word, terrible. They are snake oil.  They are too good to be true. Let me take you through my full experience.

Magnetic Eyelashes | Beauty Chaos

First, the order process.

I saw an ad pop up on my Facebook page several times from a company called Trending Beauty. I know, I know, I should have run screaming just based on the company title.  However, I had seen so much hype around magnetic eyelashes, I threw caution to the wind.

When I went to the website, the lashes were $10 per pair.

$10 per pair! Amazing! Too good to be true, right?  Right. Stupid, stupid Amy.  There were about 20 different styles to choose from, so I decided to order two pairs in different styles just in case one didn’t work out.

I placed my order, got my confirmation email, and waited.  And waited.  And waited.  Now, to be fair, the website had advised that, you know, due to an amazing surge in demand there might be some lag time between order and delivery.

Magnetic Eyelashes Review | Beauty Chaos
Waiting for my lashes…
So I waited some more.

Finally, I received an email that tracking information was available on the website.  Yesss! So I clicked the tracking info link, and there was no info available.  Same thing a couple days later.  Same thing more than a week later.  I finally attempted to contact the company, explaining in my email (there is no way to contact them via phone *warning bells*) that although there was tracking information available, the DHL website was displaying that the package info was not available.

I received a canned response that they are receiving a huge volume of contacts right now, yada, yada, it might take forever for them to get back to me.  So I waited some more.  Finally, I saw a $3.98 charge show up on my bank account and a notification that the package had shipped.

I thought this charge was a bit strange, so I hopped over to the website under the FAQs where I found an assurance that of course! This was normal! They have to charge shipping separately! Please don’t worry!

So I decided not to worry.

After what seemed like an eternity, my package finally arrived.  I tore open the package and could not wait to try the magnetic eyelashes on. Yes! Beauty products for lazy people!

The company had sent me two sets of the same lashes.

No worry, I thought.  It doesn’t matter, these are fine.  Plus, when you have a company that’s so bloody difficult to do business with, you make allowances for their mistakes.  I took the lashes out, carefully, and began experimenting with putting them on.

Y’all, let me tell you what.

It was not easy.  I fumbled and flipped and dropped.  Used tweezers.  I used my fingers.  I tried applying the bottom layer first, then the top layer first.  When I finally, finally managed to get them to stick together and sandwich my eyelashes, they looked ridiculous.

Magnetic Eyelashes Review | Beauty Chaos

They looked like exactly what they were: fake.  The girl staring back at me in the mirror was not the carefree, easygoing girl from the video who could simply stick the lashes together and go.  Oh, no, folks.  It was something much worse.

Now, to be fair, I worked with these magnetic eyelashes for a long time.

I left and came back to them.  Tried them with and without mascara.  Fumbling for a good hour in one sitting, I thought for certain I would get a hang of it.  Finally, I came to the conclusion that it was not meant to be.  Magnetic eyelashes are, unfortunately, too good to be true.  At least from this company.

Oh, and it doesn’t end there.

Those $3.98 charges kept appearing on my bank account.  So I went to the Trending Beauty website again, and buried in the fine print and FAQs, there is basically a clause that says: although we are advertising this product at $10 per package, what we really mean is that you will pay $10 up front, then an additional X amount every month for the next million years of your life.  And we’ll take your first born child.  Or something like that.

Anyway, I wrote the company an email explaining that the product did not work for me and asked for a refund and return instructions.  How do you think that went?  I’ll give you a hint: I still have the lashes sitting on my dresser.

If you liked this story or have had a similar experience with a beauty company, please share this post on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, wherever!

I hate when companies take advantage of consumers.  It’s truly unfortunate, and although I realize this is my own fault for being too trusting, I’m still a bit steamed.

Have you tried magnetic eyelashes?  Have a beauty horror story?  Leave me a comment or message me here!




How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Clean your makeup brushes.  Sounds simple, yeah? Recently, a friend of mine commented on Facebook that she had never cleaned her makeup brushesNever.

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes - Beauty Chaos

While I’m not quite that bad, it did make me think about how often I wash mine.

Not often enough, if I’m being honest.  And really, how many of us are guilty of not cleaning makeup brushes often enough? I bet that number is pretty high.

So on a recent trip out, I was stoked to find a silicon makeup brush cleaning mat.  Though I had my own technique thus far for cleaning my brushes (basically wash them in my hands and then my hands get all raw from all the soap), I saw one of these a while ago on a website called The Grommet and had been thinking of getting one.

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes - Beauty Chaos

Fortunately, the universe smiled on me and I happened to find one while out shopping.

I’m pretty sure I got this makeup brush cleaning mat at TJ Maxx and I’m pretty sure it was around $4.  But you can find them lots of places these days, including drugstores, beauty supply stores, etc.

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes - Beauty Chaos

There are lots of methods by which you can wash your makeup brushes.

Some sites say you should use oil.  Some say you should use a gentle baby shampoo, lint free brush, and swirl them around in water.  Some companies have even designed a soap specifically for washing makeup brushes.

Personally, I use the simplest method possible.

I take whatever shampoo I have on hand (not my expensive stuff, but I usually have a bottle of something cheaper lying around somewhere).  After securing the mat to the bottom of the sink, I wet my brush by gently running it under the faucet.  Then, I put a small dollop of shampoo onto the brush, and swirl the brush gently against to mat to get the makeup off.  Finally, I rinse the brush and swirl it on a clean area of the mat to get the soap off.

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes - Beauty Chaos
Yes, this is my kitchen sink.
When I rinse the brush, if the water is not running clear I will repeat the steps above until it does.

After I have rinsed all the soap out, I gently squeeze the brush to remove excess water.  Finally, I lay the brush down on a clean towel while I finish cleaning the other brushes.

Recently, I discovered a genius hack for drying makeup brushes.

It works wonders.  I’ve made a short tutorial video to go along with this post where I show how to hang recently washed makeup brushes from a towel rack with hair elastics.  It’s super easy, and then you don’t have makeup brushes lying around your bathroom or kitchen waiting to dry. Check out the video:


Easy peasy, right?  Cleaning your makeup brushes is so important for so many reasons.  Aside from the obvious you’re putting these against your face and they collect dirt and germs and stuff, there’s also the fact that makeup brushes simply don’t work as well when they’re dirty.  Especially if they have months, or even years (ew) of makeup buildup on them.

So yeah, clean your brushes, ‘kay?  Great.

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Sephora September Play! Box

Greetings! Happy Sephora September Play! Box Day! The happiest day of the month. It’s kind of like Rex Manning Day, only for adults…and about makeup…and not sucky.  Okay, it’s nothing like Rex Manning Day.  And if you don’t know what Rex Manning Day is, please go watch ’90s classic Empire Records immediately and report back.

This month is doubly exciting because I made a video to accompany the post! It was nerve wracking, so I hope it’s not terrible.  It accompanies the launch of the new YouTube channel, and I welcome feedback.  Just not too harsh, please!

So what do we have in the Sephora September Play! Box?

First, the cute makeup pouch with “A Change of Face” on it.  I love these little pouches.  They’re so handy when you need to just throw a bunch of stuff together and go.  As I apply my makeup, I throw it into one of these bags and then just tuck the bag into my purse for the night.  Easy peasy.

Sephora September Play! Box

Sephora Contour Eye Pencil 12HR Wear Waterproof

Guys, it’s like Sephora knows exactly what I want.  I would say they’ve bugged my house, but I don’t think I’ve said this out loud, so perhaps they’ve bugged my brain.  The thing is, I’m incapable of wearing black eyeliner without it getting all over my under eye area and making me look a) incredibly tired and b) kind of old.  I chalk it up to having oily skin.  But I’ve never tried a waterproof eyeliner, so I’m very excited to give this one a go.

Algenist POWER Recharging Night Pressed Serum

I had to go to the Sephora website to look up what a pressed serum was, and discovered that this stuff goes for $95 a pot.  See, the Sephora box is awesome.  I never would have purchased a full sized container of this because, what if I didn’t like it?  Then I’m out a hundred bucks.  This way, I get to try before I buy.

Serums have seriously become one of my favorite skincare products.  They do so much with so little.  This one promises a radiant and smooth complexion in 10 days, so I’m hoping there’s enough in this lil’ guy to get me to 10.

Sephora September Play Box

IGK Hot Girls Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner

I have to admit, I find this packaging odd.  There are photos of girls whipping their hair around and swimming.  And yes, while I would like to look like these girls, this packaging looks like it’s targeting men, TBH.  On the plus side, it is vegan and cruelty free, and promises to revive stressed hair.  Since my hair constantly takes a beating from hot styling tools, I welcome any product that can restore its shine and softness.

Belif – The True Cream Aqua Bomb

This one I had to look up as well, just because I’m unfamiliar with the company.  So this stuff is cool because it’s oil free, which is great for skin like mine which is oily and has large pores.  According to the Sephora website, in clinical tests subjects experienced a 70% increase in their skin’s hydration levels.  I wonder how they test that…

Sephora September Play! Box

Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick in Amulet

Another waterproof wonder, this lipstick shade is described as a matte brick rose.  While I love the brick rose color, I’m personally nervous about a matte lipstick.  I don’t wear it very often, as it usually dries out my lips and leaves that weird rim around the edges when I eat or drink anything.  Still, the reviews are great, so I’m happy to try it out.

Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow

Y’all, I’m very, very happy to get this one.  Benefit’s big thing is brows these days, and although I haven’t visited their brow bar yet, I have been eyeing Gimme Brow for a while.  The packaging promises that it will volumize and tame brows while staying natural looking.  I’ve seen some pretty messed up brows before, and I usually stay away from any kind of fillers for that reason.  It would be just my luck that I’d leave the house thinking my brows looked amazing, then getting out into natural light and realizing I look like a mental patient.

That’s it for this month’s haul.  If you liked the review, please share it!  What do you guys think is the most promising product in here?  Leave me a comment or message me here!