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Micro Rolling for Anti-Aging

I am an adventurous person when it comes to skincare, haircare, pretty much anything related to beauty.  Trying new products gives me a special thrill.  So when the micro rolling trend started popping up on a bunch of my friends’ profiles who were selling Rodan & Fields, I was curious.

And seriously, talk about something that’s taking the skincare world by storm; I feel like I woke up one morning and 80 percent of my Facebook friends were peddling the R+F products.  Spread faster than Kool-Aid at a cult.  And the results these women were posting were amazing.  Nothing short of miraculous was happening to their subjects’ skins, and I wanted in.

So I started doing my own research.

Since I wasn’t feeling particularly in need of completely changing up my skincare regimen, I began looking at some of the specific products.  The micro roller caught my eye.  Micro rolling for anti-aging has been used by aestheticians in offices for a while.  But it wasn’t until relatively recently that these handy products became available to the general public.

Now, I should pop in a disclaimer here.  The effects of micro rolling or micro needling or dermarolling or whatever you want to call it are heavily debated by dermatologists.  Many say that the needles that are sold for public consumption are not effective, and that the only way to see real results is by having it professionally done.  Others say that it’s dangerous to do at home, and to stick with having a professional do it.

Never one to shy away from a skincare tactic because it’s dangerous, I decided to go ahead and try.  As I’ve said in previous posts, though, my skin is pretty tough.  When I was in high school I sometimes used rubbing alcohol as astringent.  So those with fair skin, be forewarned.

There are many different sizes of micro roller for anti-aging that are available to purchase.  This website does a really great job with charting the uses, safety precautions etc.  But I’ll outline them below as well.

Micro Rolling for Anti Aging Pin

Sizes of Micro Roller

0.2 to 0.5 mm rollers are the smallest available for home use.  These are used to thicken the top layer of the skin, stimulating collagen.  They help with large pores, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and shallow scars.  Said to be mildly to moderately painful, with no to minimal bleeding.  These rollers can be used daily, but can cause redness, dryness and irritation.  With 0.5 mm rollers, care should be used not to overdo use.

0.75 to 1.0 mm rollers are the mid-level players.  They work in the same way that the smaller rollers do, with the added benefit of helping with deep acne scarring and stretch marks.  Said to be slightly to moderately painful, with possible slight to moderate bleeding.  These rollers are good for all skin conditions.  They should be used anywhere from four to seven times per week, and should be monitored closely.

1.5 to 3.0 mm rollers are the real heavy hitters.  These micro rollers are not for use on the face.  They can be used for severe scarring

or stretch marks, and are generally used only in dermatologists/aestheticians offices or for use on the body.  Said to be very painful, with bleeding occurring.  Six to eight weeks is the optimal recovery period for these rollers.

Personally, I went with the 1.0 mm micro roller.

As I said, I have pretty thick skin (purely externally) and I didn’t think the 0.25 mm and 0.5 mm would do much for me.  My suspicion was correct.

There is a specific technique to micro rolling.  The roller should be used horizontally, vertically, and diagonally over the whole face (avoiding the eye area) for a maximum of two minutes.  I usually go around my whole face horizontally, then vertically, then diagonally.  Generally, I roll back and forth a couple times in about one inch sections all over my face.  There are YouTube videos on technique if you need instruction.  I did.  I watched a YouTube tutorial.

Now, I’m not going to lie.  It hurts a little.  Not a lot, but it doesn’t feel like a nice massage in the way some other skin treatments do.  It pretty much feels like you’re running little needles over your face.  But the results are worth it.

The idea with micro rolling for anti-aging is to use the roller, then apply your serum or treatment so as to achieve better absorption.  For my regimen, I used the roller, then my trusty ice, then applied serum or moisturizer.

The results are pretty insane.  I swear I can see a different in my skin’s texture after one use.  Suffering from a little residual acne scarring from my teen/younger adult years, I’ve tried everything from microdermabrasion to lasers.  But this roller works.  My skin is slowly progressing towards no-makeup status, which for me would be heaven.

As far as I understand, there are no scientific results to back this up.

However, my results have been fantastic.  I will continue using the micro roller a couple times a week for the foreseeable future.  It’s a quick, easy, inexpensive step to throw into any beauty routine.

I would suggest doing research to decide which roller is right for you.  Overstock has this nifty little four-in-one kit with different sizes, which might be good for experimentation.  I found mine on Amazon, which has about a million of them.

Random Thoughts
Micro Rolling for Anti Aging - Beauty Chaos - Moonie
Micro Rolling for Anti Aging - Beauty Chaos - Kiki









As for my life this week, the foster kitties, Kiki and Moonshine, have had an application and a visit with a potential new family!  So we might be down two kitties in the near future.  Also, the pool is finally ready, so I’ve been spending some quality time floating around in there — usually after work and before I write.  Since I’ve been fighting off this cold, I’ve also been doing water aerobics, which I used to think was just for seniors but I’m finding quite enjoyable.

Questions?  Comments? Concerns? Compliments?  Comment or message me here! And if you like my writing, please subscribe!  I’d be eternally grateful and maybe even invite you over for a swim.
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Amope Pedi Perfect Wet and Dry Electronic Foot File


So my original goal was to write this post on Mother’s Day, after a night out with friends during which I had nothing to do except send well wishes to my mama back in Ohio.  But my day went a little differently than I had planned.

My husband decided to go to a thrift store a few blocks away. This isn’t a regular occurrence, but I certainly didn’t find it alarming.  So I settled in to catch up on some BravoTV “Southern Charm” time.  As I was watching the show, the TV kept freezing (dammit, AT&T!), so I was on my phone trying to reboot the box when my husband started calling.

Since I was trying to reboot, I denied the call once.  He called again: denied.  He called a third time and now, annoyed, I picked up the phone.  “What’s up?” I barked. (Not the most tactful person, especially when in the middle of a task that I’m desperately trying to complete so I can get my reality TV fix). “I found a kitten,” he replied.

Teeny Tiny
Petunia - Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Wet Dry Foot File - Beauty Chaos
This nugget.

Ah, yes.  Those amazing and terrifying four words for any animal lover, especially one that already has a house full of cats (see previous entry). But what can you do?  Huddled inside the upholstery of a discarded armchair, this little nugget had no mama or siblings in sight, just crying her little heart out.

So of course, I told him to bring her home.  We took her to the emergency vet to make sure she was okay (which she is) and brought her home.  She is four weeks old.  Four weeks.  I’ve never cared for anything that young, unless you count the lightning bugs we used to catch and put in jars as kids.  And no, as you’re probably thinking, that never ended well.

Spay and Neuter Your Pets, People

So Petunia, as we have christened her, is the reason there was no post written on Mother’s Day.  We went back again and searched around for a mama and siblings, but it quickly became clear that there were no relatives around.  She loves to be snuggled and we are probably listing her with a local rescue, but kitten season in LA is so bad this year that there are thousands and thousands of kittens in need of homes.

Long story long, we are a five cat household for the time being.  Truth be told, I’m not sure I can see giving this little one up.  I mean, look at that face!

Amope Pedi Perfect Wet and Dry Electronic Foot File Petunia

To the subject of today’s review, the Amope Pedi Perfect Wet and Dry Electronic Foot File.


Truth be told, I’ve been searching for the perfect solution for the calluses on my feet for years.  I took tons of ballet and modern dance classes all through college, and was a lifeguard and a long distance runner.  Needless to say, my feet are usually pretty beaten up.  My feet still suffer, even though it’s been a few years since I’ve taken a dance class, and a good while since I’ve been on a run.

I have tried just about every weird foot-torture device out there.  The good, old fashioned foot file: The Ped-Egg (total waste of money.  Didn’t work at all).  The cheese grater looking thing, that I was later informed by a pedicurist was really, really bad for you and can cause an infection.  My favorite, up until this point, had been the razor — you know, the one that is illegal in some states because it can do crazy damage.  I still own one of those foot razors. Up until I got the Amope I would still pull it out in moments of desperation.

First Impressions

I received the Amope as a gift at Christmas.  Is someone trying to tell me something?  Anyways, I didn’t have very high hopes for this, after my experience with the Ped-Egg (seriously, the worst).  But I thought, why not give it a shot?  The device has two speeds, and there are different file attachments that can be put on depending on the severity of calluses.  I am still using the files that came with the gift set.


The first time I tried the Amope Pedi Perfect Foot File, I used it on the dry setting.  Well, not setting, per se, but used it dry.  It worked beautifully.  However, my mother recommended using it in the shower after your feet have softened up a bit.  I have to say, her recommendation did not disappoint.  My feet were soft and smooth afterwards, and I’m sure would have been even more beautiful had I put lotion on them.  I didn’t, as I tend to fall down if I put lotion on my feet because I slip on my floors.

I’ve been using the Amope Pedi Perfect pretty consistently over the last five months.  Although my feet still return to their callused, difficult selves, this device prevents the situation from getting totally out of control.  Now, against my better judgment, here’s photos of my feet.

Amope Pedi Perfect Wet and Dry Electronic Foot File Toes

Amope Pedi Perfect Wet and Dry Electronic Foot File Heel

As you can see, there is a vast improvement between the before and after photos.

Cost and Where to Buy

You can find the Amope Pedi Perfect Wet and Dry Electronic Foot File at Walmart for $37.14, at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $59.99, and at Target for $59.99.  As with a lot of products, there are sellers listing for a lot less on eBay, but you don’t really know what you’re getting.  Each package comes with a charging station, a unit, and a couple extra files.  Amope also makes a simple callus remover, if you’re not into the whole wet/dry to do.

Amope Pedi Perfect Wet and Dry Electronic Foot File Pin

Summing Up

I’d give the Amope Pedi Perfect Wet and Dry Electronic Foot File an 8.5 out of 10.  Yes, it’s not perfect, but it does a great job.  I haven’t had to recharge mine yet, though it’s been in my shower for months.  I use it at least once a week.  If your feet need extra care like mine do and you don’t have time or finances to go get biweekly pedicures, this is a great way to keep your feet in at least passable shape.

Have you tried out the Amope File?  Let me know by leaving a comment or contacting me here!