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Thoughts on the latest trends in beauty products, hair care, skin care, and other products. I'll try them for you, so you can have some info before you buy!

Random Thoughts

Because this is what I'm best at. Random, sometimes irreverent, most often tangential, thoughts on life.  Here's a photo of a llama.

Everything Else

Is there a beauty-related product you'd like to see reviewed? A fitness craze you want feedback on?  Some beauty device that looks insane but might work? (Maybe not quite as scary as this one...)  Contact me!

Recent Posts

  • Beauty Regrets Number One: Ruined Hair - Beauty ChaosBeauty Regrets – It Happens to the Best of Us
    You know how it is: you see something pretty in a magazine, you think, “Wow, that would look great on me!” And then a week later you’re crying to your hair stylist because your failed ...
  • Lindsey Olson Interview | Beauty ChaosInterview with Lindsey Olson, L’Oreal Professionnel Style & Color Trophy Winner
    This week I got to interview celebrated stylist Lindsey Olson, a Global Redken Artist and expert hair stylist who was the recipient of the L’Oréal Professionnel Style & Colour Trophy ...
  • Sephora October Play! Box - Beauty ChaosSephora October Play! Box
    Happy Halloween! Welcome to the unboxing of the Sephora October Play! Box.  I received my box a bit late in the month, but better late than never! Check out the video here:   Save...
  • Magnetic Eyelashes | Beauty ChaosReview: Magnetic Eyelashes
    If you’re a woman and on social media, you’ve probably seen an ad for magnetic eyelashes by now.  Or at least I have, about 8,000 of them.  And if you’re like me, you’ve ...
  • How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes - Beauty ChaosHow to Clean Your Makeup Brushes
    Clean your makeup brushes.  Sounds simple, yeah? Recently, a friend of mine commented on Facebook that she had never cleaned her makeup brushes.  Never. While I’m not quite that bad, it did ...
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