Current Obsessions: Hair Edition

As a lifelong experimenter and long-hair wearer (except for a brief stint in college), I am always on the prowl for new hair treatments and ‘dos. And although I don’t often lose length on my hair, I love checking out the new cuts on celebrities each year. Heading into 2018, here are my Current Obsessions – Hair Edition.

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Coconut Oil

This one has kind of become old hat by now, but it still qualifies. Coconut oil has become my cure-all for just about everything. I put it on my skin after I shave, use it as a hair mask, and even use it in cooking. As far as the hair mask goes, there aren’t many things in the cupboard that are better than coconut oil for a quick pre-shampoo mask. Just slap some on, wait 10 minutes, then shower as usual and poof! Soft, shiny, protected hair. My favorite is Viva Naturals Coconut Oil, but any kind will do!

Overnight Hair Treatments

This is another one of my favorite hair tricks of all time. I use overnight hair treatments religiously. Sometimes, if I know I’m not going to shower first thing in the morning, I’ll slap one on for about an hour before I wash my hair instead. I’m currently using Living Proof Pre-Shampoo Treatment, which can be used either as a pre-wash treatment or overnight. Score.

Natural Curls

Ah, I miss the time when my kind of wavy hair would curl. Whether it be hormones or simply a change in climate, my hair no longer curls the way it used to. But if you’re one of the lucky girls blessed with natural curls, embrace them! When styling, don’t use a brush; use a three-in-one pik or just your fingers to preserve the curl pattern.

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Call it light brown, dirty blond, ombre, whatever, “bronde” is a great look for blondes and brunettes alike. According to, this color is the new platinum, with A-list starlets everywhere asking for a more golden hue.

Head Scarves

Yes, now we can all pretend we’re soaring down the highway in a convertible with our hair pinned into a scarf! Scarves were seen cruising down the runway all over the place this year, bringing back the iconic looks of Marilyn and Audrey alike.

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Oh, yes, my friends, bangs are back. Thank goodness, because I just cut mine! Bangs have been appearing all over the place, from adding a fringe to long locks to accompanying a new bob haircut. Despite having cut my own, I wouldn’t recommend this for everyone. I’m sure to get a talking to from my stylist. This year’s trend is very wearable, eschewing the heavy blunt cut for the wispier, messy fringe.


Whaaaattt?! Oh, hell, yes. All my scrunchies, which I thought were doomed to sit in the box with my old yearbooks and gather dust forever, ARE BACK IN. Or maybe I’ll buy some new ones. Old scrunchies might be kind of gross. At any rate, scrunchies are better for your hair than rubber bands because they have an extra layer of protective fabric. Plus, you can match them to your outfit. How cool is that? Whether cotton, silk, or even velvet is your thing, these little guys have popped up everywhere this season.

Silver Hair

As last year’s pastels fade back into their natural colors, a new shade is creeping in: silver. For those with their hair in the trendy gray of 2017 already, a new shimmer of silver can transform hair into something more magically mermaid like. A word of caution: do not try this one at home. Make sure you consult your stylist before attempting anything this ambitious; there’s nothing worse than messing up your hair at home and then having to pay hundreds of dollars to fix it!


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Dry Shampoo

I know, I know, it seems so last year. But I’m still completely in love with dry shampoo. My hair is oily, and being able to extend a blowout for an extra day without feeling super greasy is saving my hair. Be careful not to overuse it, but dry shampoo is a lifesaver for those days when your hair is feeling extra greasy.


I love braids. French, fishtail, pigtail, any sort of braids will do. I think we have Wonder Woman partially to thank for this comeback, personally. Four strands have even been appearing this season! Four! So brush up on your YouTube videos and limber up those digits, because it’s time to start plaiting again.

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2018 is going to be a great year for hair, kids. Some of my favorite styles are coming back around, and not going to lie, I’m stocking up on scrunchies as we speak. What’s a hair trend you’d like to see come back? Comment below or send me a message!



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